Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hanelei Reponty.

Good thing I kept some of my old surfing magazines!

Hanelei Reponty hails from Tahiti originally but moved to Sydney for University. But also she partly lives in Paris doing modelling! She is on the Rip Curl team and has been the face of the brand in previous years. In the surfing world, she is best known for her longboarding and freesurfing.

 Around the age of 21 now, she has the most exquisite taste, to me along the lines of people such as Erin Wasson with her laid back beach style with twists thrown in to make it look very edgy.

At such a young age and travelling everywhere all the time....makes me truly envious!

Massive Kudos to Hanelei Reponty.

x x x x

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