Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Play Time with Accessories!

Now that exams are over and supposedly the weather is getting's that time of year where students begin Re-Fresher week and party! With all the latest trends on hand with Fashion Weeks going on...accessorizing is one of the best elements to lively yourself up :). are a few of my fav bracelets to get you going:

 Up first is the Alexander McQueen Skull Bracelet....stunner!

Next are coloured Bracelets from Bendels....This store have the most amazing Jewelery around priced at $148. They look amazing for summer nights and stylish parties.

Last up is a gorgeous number from Halcyon Days by Charlotte Moss under the name 'Tangiers' bangle. Wear it with a white dress and you are ready to go!

Find something that suits you and your unique style!

    x x x x

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