Saturday, 7 April 2012

Simply Iconic: Edie Sedgwick.

This month is the birthday of one of my all time influences.....Edie Sedgwick. 
THE muse of the sixties and to Andy Warhol. Behind that extraordinary beauty and waif figure, she was damaged.
Yet her films and style went a long way and still are a focus point of that decade. Most notably films like 'Poor Little Rich Girl' and 'Ciao Manhattan!'

The makeup and clothes made her an icon.

One of the most famous photos of Edie on her hippo Wallow dancing to the Kinks.

Ciao Manhattan! is completely bizzare but at the same time fascinating. As we see the true Edie around the infamous Factory and the life that she led. 
This is also depicted through the 2006 film 'Factory Girl' with Sienna Miller.

With members of the Fcatory including The Velvet Underground & Gerard Malanga

The set for Ciao Manhattan! in an old swimming pool.
Cover for Ciao Manhattan!

'I'd like to turn the whole world on just for a moment.....just for a moment'.

x x x x.

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