Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Sienna Miller has long been one of my ultimate style icons....whether it is in films, red carpet or her street style. And when she started working with her sister Savannah in 2009 it began to get even more exciting. Twenty8Twelve (named from Sienna's birthday) has been evolving throughout the last few years and have firmly established themselves as a major brand. The fashion in general is very chic and laid back with some sophisticated twists involved. However, a couple of weeks ago the sisters announced that they were leaving the brand. This is quite sad considering they have been working so hard for the label and have produced beautiful pieces.
     Here are some S/S 2012 outfits from their look book......enjoy.

S. Miller, Its been a fantastic few years sharing your fashion with the world! Twenty8Twelve keep up the good work!

x x x x

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