Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I am not going to lie, it is now very very cold in the UK. The best way to overcome this is by dressing in lots of stylish layers and a fabulous hat. SpiritHoods have some of the most awesome hats around. This is partly due to the fact that they help animals and they have specifically been designed for animal lovers. Made from 100% Faux Fur, the hats take the shape of different animal ears with long sides for a scarf. Genius. They also have a Pro-Blue section where by purchasing a hat, the proceeds go to that particular animal. They aren't cheap, but when it comes to animals, nothing else really matters. Go wild for some of these designs!

Grizzly Bear SpiritHood $129.00

Pro-Blue Panda SpiritHood $129.00

Pro-Blue Grey-Wolf Warrior SpiritHood $139.00

Red Fox SpiritHood  $129.00

There is a transformation that takes place when you wear a SpiritHood.

This experience is un-definable, and completely unique to you . . .

Join the Tribe, Share your experience. 

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  1. they are all really great but I should admit that the wolf stole my heart!