Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Back to Backpacks.

School days were the days when everyone owned a backpack. After that it was considered uncool. Unless you were travelling. This year, the Backpack is making a comeback, and they are looking very very trendy. Ranging from tiny day rucksacks to big overnight ones, they seem to be extremely stylish for this season. Since acquiring the campervan, I will be doing a lot more travelling than I already do. So perhaps its time to buy one and travel in style. Here are some of my favourite Backpacks so far.....

Topshop                 Grey jersey Backpack                    £25.00
Accessorize            Stripy Rucksack                             £32.00
Topshop                 Tropical Print Backpack Bag          £32.00
Urban Outfitters      Bright Aztec Backpack                   £46.00
Selekkt                   Sandqvist Ronald Rucksack (Navy)
The Row                 Backpack Leather                          $3,900.00

And of course the girls to pull off backpacks........The Olsen Twins who can't do wrong in my books.

Channel your inner school past and explorer and learn to rock the backpack.

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  1. Nice post. Well, messenger bags are sooo boring now. Could the backpack bacame the new messenger?